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WhatsApp Has New Privacy Features

With more than two billion people using WhatsApp worldwide, the instant messaging app is a market leader in providing users with a free and convenient way to communicate.

From customer support to being a unique and effective marketing channel, WhatsApp has opened up a wealth of opportunities for small businesses. For remote working teams, WhatsApp provides a simple to use and completely free way to reach people at any time.

WhatsApp Has New Privacy Features

Businesses that use the instant messaging app to communicate with colleagues and clients or as a marketing platform, will be pleased to learn that Meta has introduced new features on WhatsApp to give users more control with added layers of protection.

Leave Groups Silently

WhatsApp group chats can be invaluable to small businesses of different industries and niches, enabling participants to communicate and plan from one convenient place. Though group chats need not be forever and from time to time, members need to leave certain chats for one reason or another. For example, a team member may be leaving a company and does not want colleagues to know at that moment.

Now it is possible for participants to exit a group privately. Instead of notifying the full group when someone leaves, only the admins will be informed. This update from WhatsApp could prove incredibly useful for colleagues or clients wanting to exit a group discreetly.

Choose Who You Can See When You Are Online

Knowing which team members are online helps boost business productivity and create more convenient ways to communicate. However, there are times when business users may want to check a WhatsApp chat privately without being bombarded by messages.

Meta has introduced a feature that enables users to select who can and can’t see them when they are online. This way, if colleagues or clients don’t want to be connected with when they are online, other users will not be able to see their online status.

Screenshot Blocking for ‘View Once’ Messages

Sharing photos, videos and other content on WhatsApp is a convenient and effective way for small businesses to promote products and push promotions and more to the right people.

WhatsApp’s Once View feature gives users more control over their privacy, as photos or videos disappear from the chat once they have been opened, meaning chat participants don’t have a permanent digital record of such content.

For additional security, Meta is now enabling screenshot blocking for Once View messages.

“We’re testing this feature now and are excited to roll it out to users soon,” writes Meta.

With these extra layers of protection and security, small businesses of virtually any industry, can take advantage of the many communication and marketing opportunities WhatsApp provides with greater confidence and assurance that their messages and content will be protected.

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