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Walmart GoLocal is a White Label Delivery Service for Small Businesses

Walmart recently announced their new GoLocal delivery service to help businesses of all sizes deliver their goods to customers.

The Walmart GoLocal service will call upon the multinational retailer’s expertise and experience in delivering goods to their own customers. By creating this white label delivery service, Walmart hope to continue building alternative revenue streams and profit pools.

Walmart GoLocal Offers Delivery Service for Small Business

Small businesses can feel especially empowered by the new white label delivery service from Walmart. By gaining access to Walmart’s delivery capabilities and nationwide coverage at competitive pricing, small businesses can expand their own reach and capacity.

Walmart GoLocal will be able to deliver a wide range of assorted goods, including goods of a large size or those with complex requirements. Small businesses will also benefit from Walmart GoLocal’s flexibility to adapt to various production and delivery schedules.

Delivery Speed and Efficiency

The president and CEO of Walmart U.S., John Furner, eulogized about his company’s ability to help other businesses, saying: “In an era where customers have come to expect speed and reliability, it is more important than ever for businesses to work with a service provider that understands a merchant’s needs. Walmart has spent years building and scaling commerce capabilities that support our network of more than 4,700 stores and we look forward to helping other businesses have access to the same reliable, quality and low-cost services.”

Tom Ward, the senior vice president, added that Walmart had worked hard to develop a reliable last mile delivery program for their customers. “Now,” said Ward, “We are pleased to be able to use these capabilities to serve another set of customers [and] local merchants. Be it delivering goods from a local bakery to auto supplies from a national retailer, we’ve designed Walmart GoLocal to be customizable for merchants of all sizes and categories so they can focus on doing what they do best, leaving delivery speed and efficiency to us.”

Walmart Accepting New Merchant Partners

Walmart GoLocal has quickly established a network of contractual agreements with various national and enterprise retail clients, from larger organizations to small businesses. They are also accepting new merchant partners who can apply via the Walmart GoLocal website.

The success of the new service is all but guaranteed thanks to the giant retailer’s proven ability to execute efficient delivery capabilities at scale. They previously launched their own scaled Delivery and Express Delivery services for their customers for more than 160,000 items from over 3,000 Walmart stores. Within three years of the launch, the reach of their original delivery service was at almost 70% of the entire U.S. population. It is still growing as the existing delivery network begins adding new technologies such as drones and autonomous vehicles, as well as incorporating multiple market fulfillment centers.

Walmart have also been diversifying their revenue streams and profit pools with other initiatives including the Walmart Connect and Walmart Fulfillment Services. They also plan on providing technologies and capabilities to enable other businesses to complete their own digital transformations.

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