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This school is looking for Mexicans who want to go to Ireland to study English

Some research claims that speaking English as a second language can double your income.

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As reported by the World Economic Forum, it is a fact that an increase in the proficiency of the English language is directly related to a higher per capita income, and at the individual level, human resources managers of organizations, from all over the world, affirm that applicants of employment with exceptional English, compared to the level of their country, receive salaries between 30 and 50% higher.

In this context and with the purpose of promoting the teaching of English in Mexico, SEDA College, an Irish language school, started its exchange program, SEDA Dream , which consists of awarding ten scholarships worth up to $ 3,400 each, and 90 more partial scholarships, with up to 50% discount for Mexicans to travel to Ireland to study the language. Registration began on July 1 and will end on Wednesday, July 14.

Those interested should consult the official page of the contest to complete a form and register. Participants, who must be 18 years of age or older, will have to take a test on Saturday, July 17; The cost to participate is $ 25 and includes three months of access to the SEDA College Online platform, which contains more than 60 courses in English at all levels.

“We want to contribute to increasing the level of English in Mexico, and that is why we are presenting this first edition of the SEDA Dream program, exclusively for this country, with which we seek to promote language learning and professional improvement. In addition, international experience would allow them to grow in their careers if they achieve a work experience in Europe ”, Vanessa Melo, CEO of SEDA College Online, explained in a statement.

Once the student enrolls, the next step is to take a test with 50 multiple-choice questions, which includes quizzes on English, logic, knowledge of Ireland and also SEDA College. The sum of the points achieved will be equal to the value of the discount they will receive, which can reach up to 50 percent.


“Later, on July 22, we will announce on our social networks the names of the recipients of the full scholarships. In a complementary way, I want to mention that those interested can see testimonies from Brazilian students on the SEDA Dream website, who carried out the same process and were winners ”, added Vanessa.

Among the advantages of mastering the English language, there are five that are worth highlighting: greater opportunity to travel, more ability to participate in an economy, possibility of starting a dialogue, consuming knowledge and media, and being able to establish international relations. In that sense, English is considered the most powerful language in the world; and it is prevalent in three G7 nations (USA, UK and Canada). Mandarin, which comes in second, is only half as powerful. French ranks third, thanks to its use in international diplomacy.

Finally, Vanessa Melo indicated that with the restrictions to travel abroad, due to the pandemic, those selected for the program will be able to postpone the trip for up to twelve months. “Our programs integrate more than 300 thousand students in the SEDA College Online platform, which offers English courses for levels from basic to advanced, as well as English for business, job interviews and travel, and we want Mexicans to take advantage of this program , which has a deadline ”.

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