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This Company Will Pay You $500 if You Don’t Like Their Service

Park Place Payments, a payment processing company founded and ran by women, has furthered its commitment to customer support. Through its Customer Experience Guarantee service, Park Place Payments will pay their merchant clients $500 if they are unhappy with the service the company provides after the first six months.

Simplifying Payment Processing

The payment processing landscape can be both expensive and confusing. The processes involved with collecting payments can be extremely challenging for small businesses, many of which are strapped for cash and time. From fraud protection to payment integration and omni-channel payments, there is a host of payment processing hurdles small businesses are likely to encounter.

Minimizing Payment Processing Pain Points

Park Place was created to minimize the pain points small businesses experience with payment processing. The company offers a diverse range of sophisticated countertop, mobile, virtual and point-of-sale payment solutions, delivered by a commitment to proactive customer service.

So committed is the company to its strong ethos towards customer service and helping small businesses deliver seamless payment processing, that it is the first merchant services company to pay small business clients for leaving.

Samantha Ettus, founder and CEO of Park Place Payments, comments:

“”Our award-winning, proactive customer service has set an industry low churn rate of less than 2%. Our confidence in the client experience we offer led us to create this program: If you are unhappy, we will pay you for your pain. But we anticipate that you will want Park Place to be your payments partner for years to come.”

Operating More Efficiently

With the right payment processing technology, merchants can operate more efficiently, meaning they have more time to do what they do best, run their business.

All Park Place’s products are carefully selected for fast processing. They accept every option of payment, including Android Pay and Apple.

To qualify for the Park Place Customer Experience Guarantee, businesses must process an average of $25,000 a month for the six-month period starting on the date of their first transaction.

In an industry renowned for hefty termination fees, it is refreshing to find a company, so customer service focused that it is willing to ay clients $500 if they are unhappy after the first six months.

Park Place’s Customer Experience Guarantee is not only good news for small businesses wanting to streamline payment processing solutions through an ethical, customer-minded company, but it shows the importance of going that extra mile for customers

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