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The Top Earning YouTube Gaming Accounts

A recent analysis of the top gaming accounts on YouTube has revealed the most popular accounts associated with gaming, with the top earner bringing in an estimated $76,555 per video from their 18 million subscribers.

The Top Earning YouTube Gaming Accounts

The research focused on accounts that started out uploading or streaming gaming videos, though many of the highest earners have since expanded their content to include other types of video.

Gaming Videos Now a ‘Lucrative’ Career Path

The research conducted by online gaming experts I’m-a-puzzle discovered that many of YouTube’s top gaming accounts are earning more per single video than an average American earns in a whole year.

An I’m-a-puzzle spokesperson commented: “The quality in technology and online gaming in general has grown at an astonishing rate the past ten years. Just a few years ago, the thought of anyone being able to make thousands, or even millions, of dollars from playing games on YouTube would sound unbelievable, but this data shows how lucrative it can be, and these days it is a career path many aspire to achieve.”

Top Ten Gaming Video Earners on YouTube

  1. Alan Becker from the U.S. took the top spot with his 18 million subscribers earning him an estimated $76,555 per video. He started his career back in 2006 and since amassed around 3.7 billion video views from only 113 uploads.
  2. A4 from Belarus is the second-highest earner, taking $51,006 per video from 37.65 million subscribers and 545 uploads since starting in 2014.
  3. Mr.Beast from the U.S. is third and earns an estimated $50,100 per video from 89.6 million subscribers and 719 uploads. The account’s content has branched out from its gaming origins to include big money giveaways and challenges, as well as numerous collaborations with fellow YouTubers.
  4. CarryMinati from India places fourth, earning an estimated $48,462 per video from 34.6 million subscribers and 177 uploads.
  5. Fernanfloo from El Salvador is in fifth position, earning around $41,461 per video from 44.4 million subscribers. The channel has over 9.6 billion views.
  6. TheDonato from Argentina earns around $34,693 per video to take sixth place on the list.
  7. Talking Tom from Slovenia takes seventh by earning an estimated $33,171 per video.
  8. FGTeeV of the U.S. is in eighth place earning an estimated  $27,208 per video from 20 million subscribers, while also boasting the most overall views at 21.5 billion.
  9. elrubisOMG from Spain earns an estimated $24,525 per video from 40.3 million subscribers and 703 uploads to take ninth place.
  10. Eeoneguy from Ukraine fills out the top ten YouTube gaming video earners list by bringing in an estimated $24,525 per video from 17.6 million subscribers.

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