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The Atlanta Braves will launch a version of their baseball stadium in the metaverse

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The Major League Baseball season has finally begun and the Atlanta Braves have something to brag about besides the title they won last year by defeating the Houston Astros. It is a replica of their stadium that already exists in the metaverse.

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The digital version of Truist Park , which has not yet been released, will allow fans to visit a realistic environment created in the image and likeness of the real stadium complete with a digital version of The Battery Atlanta mall. Once inside the stadium, users will be able to create their own avatars, explore the Atlanta Braves clubhouse, mingle with other fans, play mini-games and win prizes. Additionally, the baseball team will gradually introduce NFTs and digital merchandise in an attempt to reach out to the next generation of baseball fans.

The entire experience is powered by Epic Games , the creator of Fortnite, and their platform called the Unreal Engine .

Introducing the virtual stadium, Derek Schiller , team president, explained, “It’s exciting to create a new way for fans to connect with our team and their favorite ballpark. The digital version of Truist Park will offer unlimited opportunities to create unique interactions with fans in the metaverse and we are proud to be the first team to offer this immersive experience. We look forward to building improvements along the way that will continue to showcase the innovation of the Braves brand in the digital world.”

The baseball team has explained that the digital stadium will be available from April, although there is still no clear date. On this page you can register to receive more information about its opening.

With this action, the Atlanta Braves join other sports leagues that are exploring the possibilities in the metaverse: from the NFL and its virtual store on Roblox to the BIG3 basketball league and the possibility that fans acquire a part of the teams for average of profit-laden NFT’s. It wouldn’t surprise anyone if other MLB teams soon followed suit.

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