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Supplied Launches SocialCart Ahead of 2021 Holiday Shopping Season

Supplied, an all-in-one wholesale platform designed to support online retail businesses with the entire selling cycle, has announced the launch of SocialCart.

SocialCart offers ecommerce merchants with a subscription, a series of tools, including Facebook Live auto-invoicing, easy-to-create webstores, as well as a simplified inventory management system.

Supplied Launches SocialCart

As online retailers gear up for the impending holiday season, the launch of SocialCart could not come at a better time. Tools that help small businesses handle time-consuming tasks, such as the creation of webstores and invoicing, provide welcome relief to retailers. Freeing up time to take care of other areas of the business like creating and shipping products, is especially welcome during the festive season, when workloads mount up.

‘Time is Money’

As Joseph Heller, Founder and CEO of Supplied, states: “For small business owners and especially the solopreneur, time is money. I started Suppled with the goal of democratizing access to retail business ownership for anyone – not just those with high capital and unlimited resources. We have created a platform where new business owners can seamlessly connect to manufacturers, which removes minimum order quantities. Plus, we invite our sellers to be part of a community that helps and empowers then on this journey.

“Through Supplied, thousands of small business owners are able to get their dream business off the ground. SocialCart’s suite of tools expands Supplied’s power by saving hours of time to allow small business owners to mitigate the back office work, and focus on the fun, creative part of running a business,” Heller continued.

Facebook Live Auto-Invoicing

With Facebook Live Auto-Invoicing, online retailers can view the invoices sent by SocialCart’s software and the payment status of each invoice. This new SocialCart feature can therefore save a business significant time on dealing with invoices.

Ecommerce Website Creation

Websites are an imperative component of online selling, something that no retailer should be missing. Creating websites can be time consuming and require a degree of knowledge. With the Ecommerce Webstore feature, SocialCart provides small businesses with a fully functional webstore with a personalized SocialCart subdomain, thereby enhancing the professionality of a merchant, not to mention saving them time.

Inventory Management System

SocialCart’s inventory management system helps small businesses stay organized and on-top of tasks. They can add products to the system from any wholesaler and have orders made via Supplied synced.

SocialCart’s subscription model includes these new tools and Supplied users have free access to Supplied’s wholesale marketplace with no minimum order quantity.

The COVID-19 forced consumers to shop online, a trend that looks set to continue into the holiday season and into 2022 and beyond. For online merchants, having the right tools at their disposal to make tasks more seamless and efficient, can ensure they remain competitive and ultimately maximize profit.

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