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Square Seller Fees Stay Consistent as PayPal, Venmo Raise Rates

If you’re a small business, freelancer, or just have an online side hustle, you’re going to feel the recent increase in fees from online payment platforms like PayPal and Venmo. And as these other online payment systems increase their fees, Square Online is keeping the same rates with more features. With Square Online Checkout you get a proven alternative platform to start accepting online payments from anywhere, and more functionality for the growing cashless and contactless payment processing future.

Square Online Checkout, Payment Simplified

Square Online Checkout takes simplicity to a new level by allowing you to accept payments from customers just by sharing a simple link. Buyers don’t need an account with Square to pay. You don’t need any hardware to swipe a card. All buyers need is just their name, email address and payment information. You can accept major credit and debit cards as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Whether you are selling services at a set rate, items in an online store, or collecting donations or membership dues for an organization, you don’t want your customers to have any difficulty in paying for your offerings. And this is where Square Online Checkout’s payment flexibility plays a big role.

Square Online Checkout lets you collect payments from customers using pay links, buy buttons, or QR codes for whatever you’re selling. Not only that, but you can also share them in basically limitless ways. This lets you get paid faster by your customers who are ready to pay quickly.

Share payment links: Just customize your checkout with pricing details and copy and paste the link into emails, text messages, or on social media. And with a single click, you can start accepting online payments on multiple channels.

Place QR codes: Create custom QR codes to be shared on mailers, flyers, and signs to direct customers to your online checkout page so they can pay with their mobile device. With this option, your customers can make remote and touch-free payments easily.

Embed buy buttons: By embedding buy buttons on your website or blog, you can instantly add eCommerce capabilities. This helps you turn even the simplest of websites into a revenue-generating online store to help grow your business. Furthermore, you can customize the text and colors on buttons such as “Buy Now” or “Subscribe” to match your brand.

Take Things to the Next Level with the Full Square Online Platform

The different features and flexibility of Square Online Checkout make it easy to start collecting online payments or add online ordering to your existing website in a few minutes. But as you add more services to better serve your customers, you want to see a unified view of how your efforts are paying off. With Square Online, you get an all-in-one system that is built to work together.

For example, if you run a restaurant, you probably have customers asking for delivery service, in person self-serve ordering via QR code, online ordering, pickup options, and more. Square Online for restaurants brings all of these capabilities into one central online hub, allowing you to manage all your orders as well as third-party delivery orders directly from your point of sale. Even better, these different order types are synched seamlessly between POS and your kitchen printers or kitchen display system to streamline your workflow to make your staff more productive.

Moreover, your restaurant will make more money by using Square Online’s on-demand delivery. While delivery marketplaces charge up to 30% commission on each order, with Square Online’s on-demand delivery, restaurants only pay about $5.00 in processing and dispatch fees.. That means on a delivery order of $50, the restaurant using Square Online’s on-demand delivery will make about $11 more than if using a delivery marketplace to fulfill the same order.

Save by Collecting Payments with Square Online Checkout

Payments accepted through Square Online Checkout links are subject to Square’s online processing fees, which are the lowest in the space when compared with those of Venmo and PayPal. Fees on a payment collected with Square Online Checkout come out to  2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. Other than the transaction fee, Square Online Checkout is completely free to use– meaning you can create and share unlimited pay links and buy buttons and only pay when you actually get paid.

Is Square Online Checkout for You?

Not only is Square Online Checkout right for your business hoping to accept payments online quickly and easily, but it is also right for your customers. It simplifies the process of accepting and making payments online. For small businesses and people with a side hustle looking to be more professional, these are extremely important features to accept secure payments online  in today’s digital ecosystem.

Square Online Checkout helps you remove the hurdles for your customers. When you make it easy for them to pay you, you make more money and grow your business faster. Create your first pay link or buy button for free with Square Online Checkout and see how easy it is to start accepting payments online.

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