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Spotlight: This Entrepreneur Turned Job Loss Into a New Venture — Always Reliable Junk Removal

Many people unfortunately lost jobs in the past year. But some turned that into an opportunity for entrepreneurship.

Such was the case for the founder of Always Reliable Junk Removal. Learn how he turned a furlough into an opportunity to offer standout service in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Helps customers with cleanout services.

Founder Ayo McKerson told Small Business Trends, “We provide affordable junk removal services to the metro Atlanta community.”

Business Niche

Respecting customers’ time.

McKerson says, “We hear so many horror story’s about clients who schedule appointments and either the provider doesn’t show or is extremely late. Customer services is important to us and we know how valuable and important your time is. We keep an open line of communication with our customers from start to finish that is why we are 5 star rated on google and Yelp.”

How the Business Got Started

To create an opportunity after being furloughed.

McKerson adds, “I was furloughed from my management job in March of 2020. Instead of sitting back and collecting unemployment, I purchased a box truck and started Always Reliable Junk Removal.”

Biggest Win

Staying in business through a pandemic.

McKerson says, “I achieved this accomplishment through great prices and excellent customer service. Always finding a way to put my brand in front of customers.”

Biggest Risk

Self-financing the business.

McKerson explains, “I took out a 30k, personal loan to start the business. I decided to bet it all on myself. If I would have failed I would have been in extreme debt.”

Lesson Learned

Focus on marketing.

McKerson adds, “??I would do more research on personnel for marketing. I wasted time and money on individuals who said they could help market my company.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Buying more supplies and hiring.

McKerson says, “Pay off the personal loan I took out to start the business. The remainder I would invest back into the business by purchasing more trucks which would grow the business and create more jobs to n my community.”

Team Philosophy

Have fun and help others.

McKerson explains, “We have fun at work. We find a lot of great things we are able to donate to the less fortunate like clothes, shoes and beds. We love to put smiles on others faces.”

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Image: Always Reliable Junk Removal, Ayo McKerson

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