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Spotlight: Gutter Tex Adds a Special Customer Experience to the Gutter Industry

Gutters may not be the most exciting thing to build a business around. But they’re essential for homeowners. So someone has to provide the quality materials and service that customers need.

That’s exactly what Gutter Tex aims to do for those in Texas. The company aims to stand out in this segment by going above and beyond for customers. Learn about the team and their motto below in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Offers gutter products and services.

Co-owner Dan Schaeffer told Small Business Trends, “We install seamless rain gutters and leaf guards. We also offer gutter cleaning, repairs, rainwater collection, and pressure washing.”

Business Niche

Providing easy, straightforward service.

Schaeffer says, “Our sales and operations team are quick with responses to customer questions to help them make informed decisions and make the process as smooth as possible.”

How the Business Got Started

To provide better service to their specific niche.

Schaeffer explains, “The business started in 2017 with the goal of delivering top-quality and world-class service to the seamless gutter segment.”

Biggest Win

Hiring key team members.

Schaeffer adds, “These employees are in sales, operations, and installation and are cornerstones of each area of our business. It came about at a time when we desperately needed stability in all three areas. One joined us from another company and brought another with him. The third moved here from another state and started out in an administrative role but has blossomed into running a lot of our operation. We wouldn’t be where we are now without all three of these amazing employees!”

Biggest Risk

Investing in growth during uncertain times.

Schaeffer says, “The biggest risk we ever took (besides starting it from scratch) was moving full-steam ahead with all our advertising during the lockdown months in 2020. While a lot of other companies slashed budgets and unfortunately had to let employees go, we were able to keep all our employees working and decided to keep our advertising budget as-is with a focus on the long haul. The risk paid off with a tremendous increase in lead flow in 2021 and increases sales, but it just as easily could have backfired and not paid the dividends it is currently paying to our company.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000


Schaeffer explains, “We would use it to expand our business to another city in Texas. We currently service Austin and San Antonio and are eventually looking to expand to Dallas and Houston. This money would help us expedite that timeline.”

Team Tradition

Providing holiday meals.

Schaeffer says, “We have a tradition of passing out turkeys and hams during Thanksgiving week to all our installers.”

Company Motto

“The customer isn’t always right, but he/she is always the customer.”

Schaeffer adds, “I don’t know who originally said it but I first heard it in a job interview over 20 years ago.”

* * * * *

Image: Gutter Tex

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