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Sales of Zoom Slowing

Zoom Video Communications’ sales growth has taken a dip from previously rising levels. For the current quarter, ending on January 31, 2021, Zoom expects sales of between $1.051bn and $1.053bn.

The California-based communications platform said the slump in sales follows a rise of 35% from a year earlier to $1.05bn for the three months ending October 31. In the quarter before that, Zoom’s sales increased by 54% and a year earlier, sales jumped more than 360%.

Zoom Sales Slowing

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Zoom has been among the top platforms in helping businesses of all sizes, industries and location sustain connectivity and communications.

At the start of 2021, the Financial Times ranked Zoom as a corporate winner in the otherwise devastating year of 2020. In the year the pandemic broke on a global scale, Zoom Video enjoyed a 413% increase in market value, ending the year with a market value of $96bn and, as FT describes, “became almost synonymous with communication during the pandemic.”

People Returning to Work In-Person?

The fact that sales of the leading video communication have began to slow following months of growth, suggests that people are increasingly returning to work in-person.

That said, with the omicron variant posing a threat to the economy and a return to our ‘normal’ working culture, alongside a demand from employees to maintain the work from home lifestyle they have become accustomed to, business owners are faced with the decision of whether to continue remote work, ask workers to return to the office, or implement a hybrid work model.

For businesses opting to maintain remote working practices or offering hybrid alternatives that allow for partial work from home and partial office work patterns, video communication will remain a vital lifeline for business collaboration and communication.

Benefits of Zoom for Small Businesses

With remote working looking set to stay, it is likely that Zoom, and other video chat platforms, will become a permanent part of the workforce.

The phenomenal demand for the likes of Zoom is owed to the many benefits this technology brings to businesses.

Such benefits include flexible and affordable plans, seamless transition from call to video, high quality call and video, screen sharing ability, and an intuitive user experience.

By using Zoom and other video chat platforms, small businesses benefit from a single platform for meetings, phone calls, webinars and chat, making it the ideal solution for remote teams.

Zoom also works seamlessly across the different operating systems, including PC, Mac, Laux, iOS and Android, meaning employees are not locked into specific devices.

With the myriad of benefits Zoom brings to small businesses, whether they continue operate fully from home, introduce hybrid options, or start to return to the office full time, it looks like, despite a dip in sales, the popularity of Zoom is set to stay.

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