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RemotePC Review

RemotePC provides users with remote access and control through an easy-to-use interface. Whether you’re working from home on a personal computer or you need to access a file while traveling, you’ll have quick and secure access to your work computer from any device or web browser. RemotePC is easy to install and start using without the help of an IT professional. Like many remote access software providers, RemotePC also has a robust customer service tool. The Help Desk plan that’s included with the higher-tier Team and Enterprise subscriptions allows an unlimited number of technicians to provide technical support to any customer anywhere. For these reasons, RemotePC by IDrive is our best pick for remote PC access software for small businesses.

RemotePC Editor’s Score: 96/100

Pricing 100
Ease of use  100
Features 95
Integrations 90
Security 95

Why RemotePC Is Best for Small Businesses

RemotePC has the right combination of basic effective features, simple accessibility and an attractive price, making it an excellent fit for small businesses and individuals. At the current advertised rate, the SOHO (small business and home office) plan is less than $5 per month over two years for unlimited user licenses and 10 computers. The convenient Access via Web feature makes it easy for employees to obtain anything they need on their office computer from a browser without requiring a software installation. Other features – such as a whiteboard for collaboration, an always-on configuration and single sign-on capabilities – fit well into the modern business environment that moves frequently between the office, home and everywhere in between.

The RemotePC home dashboard is accessible via any web browser.

Source: RemotePC Team Trial


  • You can access and connect to remote computers from any web browser.
  • You get unlimited user licenses with most plans.
  • The software is easy to install and use.


  • The software lacks integrations with popular business software tools.
  • Switching between file sharing and remote access on a mobile device is a clunky process.
  • There are no monthly billing options.


We tested RemotePC’s Remote Access Team plan, which has features that are very similar to those of the lower-priced SOHO and Consumer plans. Most remote access tools function similarly in terms of basic access, so the initial setup is a big part of what makes this software easy or difficult to use. We found it easy to install the software and change the necessary permissions, and for most everyday computer users, these tasks likely won’t require help from the IT department. Another aspect that makes RemotePC easy to use is the Access via Web feature, which provides access to your unattended remote computer from any browser without requiring you to install software on a second computer.

RemotePC Team Trial
RemotePC lets you easily access a remote computer via web browser to transfer files.

Source: RemotePC Team Trial

While we wouldn’t necessarily say you could accomplish a significant amount of work from your mobile device, we were impressed with how easily and quickly we could connect to a remote computer. Once you connect, you can use a range of finger gestures to interact with your computer desktop, access anything you might need, and transfer small and large files in real time. Although we spent time only with the iOS mobile app, we found it to be very responsive for loading and transferring files as well as connecting to our remote computer.

Key TakeawayKey takeaway: RemotePC is easy to set up, and the Access via Web feature lets you connect to another computer without installing software on that device.

RemotePC Team Trial
The RemotePC app lets you transfer files from a computer to a mobile device.

Source: RemotePC Team Trial


Access via Web Access your remote computer from a browser without installing any software.
Invite to Collaborate Invite colleagues to work on your computer to collaborate on presentations or other team activities.
Compliance RemotePC helps companies meet a broad range of regulatory and compliance standards.

Here are some of the features you get with RemotePC:

Access via Web

RemotePC Viewer Light allows you to access your remote computers from a web browser without installing any software. This is an especially useful feature for small businesses with employees who work remotely occasionally but may not have official office equipment to take home. The Access via Web feature lets you perform functions such as screen locking, remote printing, monitor switching, chatting and file transferring between computers during a session. Web users’ data is handled securely through industry-standard TLS version 1.2 and AES-256 encryption.

Invite to Collaborate

Employees at small businesses tend to wear many hats, thus making it even more important to be able to pull resources and collaborate on projects. RemotePC’s Invite to Collaborate feature removes many communication roadblocks for hybrid-remote employees. It allows multiple team members to access the same computer and data to work on presentations, troubleshoot technical issues or brainstorm ideas for an upcoming sales pitch.


Security features such as encryption, personal keys, two-step verification, trusted devices and blank host screen help ensure each user’s data remains private. RemotePC works with clients to ensure their remote access solution meets a variety of compliance and regulatory standards. The company helps businesses that handle sensitive data stay compliant with HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, FIPS and other security standards.

RemotePC Team Trial
The RemotePC security settings allow you to set trusted devices and enable two-factor authentication.

Source: RemotePC Team Trial


RemotePC offers four remote access subscription levels that vary by the number of users and accessible computers, as well as a few minor features. In addition to the remote access plans, RemotePC has a separate plan for unlimited remote support, which was $49.95 for the first year as of August 2021. RemotePC separates itself from the competition by including unlimited user licenses with every plan except the entry-level remote access plan, offering great value for many small businesses that may need to access only 10 or 20 computers. We also appreciate the abundance of features included in the entry-level Consumer plan.

Here’s an overview of the subscription tiers and pricing:

  • Consumer: The entry-level plan is $29.62 for the first year or $59.25 for two years. It includes one license, access to two computers, unlimited remote access, always-on remote access, unlimited concurrent access, file transfer, remote printing, whiteboard, access via web browser, video conferencing, remote reboot, 24/7 email and chat support, and phone support.
  • SOHO (small office or home office): This plan costs $59.62 for the first year or $119.25 for two years. It includes unlimited licenses, access to 10 computers and organized users.
  • Team: The Team plan is $224.62 for the first year or $449.25 for two years. It includes access to 50 computers, active directory, single sign-on, active directory sync and on-demand remote support.
  • Enterprise: The highest-tier plan costs $449.62 for the first year or $899.25 for two years. It includes access to 100 computers, computer grouping, deployment, user roles and user-level access permissions.

Key TakeawayKey takeaway: RemotePC offers four plans that vary mostly in the number of users and computers.


RemotePC is among the easier access software tools to install and begin using. The installation agent directs you to each of the permissions you’ll need to adjust within your computer’s security and privacy settings. Once you have RemotePC installed on a remote computer, you can access it easily from a web browser without installing any additional software. The mobile app, available for Android and iOS, is also easy to set up with your basic login credentials and directs you to the home dashboard.

RemotePC Team Trial
RemotePC lets you customize your experience by adjusting various settings.

Source: RemotePC Team Trial

Customer Service

RemotePC has 24/7 technical support through email, live chat and a contact form. The company also offers phone support based in the United States and the United Kingdom, available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. ET. In terms of additional resources, there is a small library of helpful video tutorials and an FAQ section with a solid list of useful tips for RemotePC’s basic features and tools.


One drawback of RemotePC is that it does not offer monthly billing. With so many companies and offices still uncertain about their long-term desire for supporting remote or hybrid-remote work, locking into an annual or multiyear contract may not be a feasible option for all businesses. Generally speaking, technology companies that offer long free-trial periods and short contract terms give us the impression that the value of their software speaks for itself, so customers become loyal in the long run. If you’re looking for remote PC access software that offers monthly billing, read our review of Splashtop.

A very minor drawback is the way RemotePC resets the desktop background on macOS running Big Sur. Each time we connected to our remote computer, the image was changed from a dynamic background to a static color that we had to replace. We also found RemotePC to be a bit more taxing on our remote computer’s hardware than other access products we’ve reviewed, resulting in a hotter-than-normal machine. We would compare the demands during our testing sessions to running a program like Photoshop and recommend keeping your remote computer in a cool, well-ventilated location.

TipTip: RemotePC does not offer monthly billing; you will have to sign up for an annual or multiyear contract.


We spent one month with 10 of the industry’s most popular unattended access and remote support tools, testing their remote access and support capabilities on multiple Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices. For each review, we spent at least two days attempting to find any shortcomings across devices and activities. Once our review sessions were complete, we scored each product on its pricing, ease of use, features, integrations and security, and offered a relative score that considered the entire industry’s offerings.

What Is Unattended Access and Remote Support?

Unattended access is a category of software that gives business owners, IT staff, and other workers the ability to take control of a second computer or mobile device from anywhere in the world with a strong internet connection. It was developed to allow technicians to troubleshoot computers from a distance, but it has become a very popular tool for hybrid-remote employees who need to access their office computers from home or vice versa. Most unattended access software providers also feature remote support as part of the same subscription plan or as an add-on that functions within the same user interface.


Is RemotePC free?

RemotePC offers a free screen share tool for quick access on Android and iOS. The company also offers a free seven-day trial for the remote access Team and Enterprise plans and the remote support Help Desk plan. As of August 2021, RemotePC’s entry-level Consumer plan was $29.62 for the first year.

Is RemotePC safe?

Yes, RemotePC by IDrive is considered secure. Communications between remote and local computers are protected with industry-standard TLS version 1.2 and AES-256 encryption. RemotePC also utilizes personal keys as a secondary password to access each computer and two-step verification with a time-based OTP authenticator.

Bottom Line

We recommend RemotePC for …

  • Small businesses with remote and hybrid-remote employees who prioritize collaboration.
  • Businesses and individuals who travel for work frequently.
  • Any business that wants to implement a remote computer network without help from an in-house IT department.

We don’t recommend RemotePC for …

  • Businesses that need access and control solutions primarily for technical support teams.
  • Small businesses and individuals who don’t like committing to annual or multiyear service agreements.

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