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Labour minister facing economic, political pressure as CP Rail strike continues

The pressure is on in Ottawa today as a CP Rail work stoppage enters its second day.

Industry leaders and politicians have urged Labour Minister Seamus O’Regan to end the labour dispute after 3,000 conductors, engineers and train and yard workers were off the job over the weekend.

The company and union both blamed each other for causing the work stoppage, though both also said they were still talking with federal mediators on Sunday.

Canadian Chamber of Commerce President Perrin Beatty says O’Regan must table back to work legislation immediately. He warns the consequences to the supply chain — already battered by the COVID-19 pandemic and uncertainty in northern Europe — could be severe.

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U.S. fears supply chain impacts as CP rail workers strike

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The House of Commons resumes today following a two-week break, so legislation could come immediately if the government so chooses.

But a spokeswoman for O’Regan said yesterday that the government believes the best deal is reached at the bargaining table.

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