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Kelowna RCMP superintendent calls for more officers

Kelowna’s top cop says she would like to see the detachment add additional officers.

The comment stems from a Vancouver Sun interview, in which, Supt. Kara Triance said, “I would like to see our numbers increased by at least 20 per cent, and we are not at fully-staffed levels.”

However, when Global News asked about her public comments, Triance did not address if she thought Kelowna’s staffing levels were inadequate.

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In an email obtained by the Vancouver Sun and Postmedia, and shared with Global News, a Kelowna RCMP officer allegedly lists concerns they have with the detachment.

The officer describes being “extremely tired, and burnt out” from lack of staff, and that promises of support for officers are “nothing more than lip service.”

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The officer then goes on to reference that changes were maybe expected after an RCMP officer was stabbed in Kelowna last month, but said, “No, here we are still at dangerously low staffing levels.”

The officer also says Kelowna Mounties are being forced to respond to higher-risk calls alone, and has serious concerns with the coming summer months.

Triance, while not directly addressing comments made by the officer, did say, “policing is an arduous profession and that the detachment has mechanisms in place to support officers.”

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Talking to the union that represents RCMP officers, it said that Kelowna’s detachment is understaffed but it is not a problem that is unique to Kelowna.

“Unfortunately, I would like to say it’s a one off and it’s only Kelowna but we’re hearing a lot of the same things across the country,” said Rob Farrer, National Police Federation’s pacific director.

“The result, of course, of anybody being overworked can lead to feelings like being burnt-out and that’s a cause of concern for us, at the union. “

Global News reached out to the City of Kelowna to ask if a 20-per cent increase in officers is feasible within the budget, but the city did not respond to interview requests in time for publication.

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Kelowna has 2nd longest average wait times for walk-in clinics in Canada: Medimap

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