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Josh Bersin Academy Reaches 50,000 Enrollments

This week I want to promote our growth and success with the Josh Bersin Academy. As we start the Fall, I want you to feel comfortable joining the JBA because so many of your friends are here.

Let me share some statistics.

The Josh Bersin Academy was formally launched in May of 2019, a little more than two years ago. The goal: to deliver an end-to-end Capability Academy dedicated to the needs of HR professionals and their teams.

Since then we have achieved the following levels of growth:

  • Total program enrollments (students in courses) is now over 50,000,
  • Total learning time (in hours) is around 126,000 which equates to 15,600 full work days of learning,
  • There have been 315,000 comments and student interactions with each other, and an average of 6.7 per student in each course,
  • Students have read more than 339,000 learning resources (articles, research reports, videos) with a 79% completion rate,
  • Students have enrolled on 4,041 learning journeys, which are multi-step learning programs across courses and other assets,
  • More than 6,000 HR professionals have joined the Global HR Capability Project,
  • The total number of students who have joined the JBA is over 40,000 and growing at around 1,000 or more per month.

Suffice it to say, the JBA is a pretty amazing place.

During these two and a half years we launched 16 comprehensive certificate programs, each of which is 4-5 hours in length with dozens of case studies, senior practitioner videos, detailed instructional modules, and collaborative learning experiences. Academy members rate the JBA at a Net Promoter score higher than Apple, and most of our students have become avid fans and learn from each other every week.

And the JBA is truly global. We have customers from more than 500 different organizations and 80 different countries, so you will find the JBA to be a global community filled with wonderful people. Approximately 40% of the students are senior managers, directors, or C-level executives, so there are lots of ideas being shared.

And we are not slowing down. This month we launched Talent Acquisition at a Crossroads, which has around 900 students enrolled – and in the coming months, we will be launching the Employee Experience Workshop, a new program for senior L&D leaders, and updates to our program on Wellbeing, HR Technology, and People Analytics.

And best of all, the JBA is the best deal on the planet. You can join the JBA for only $280 (or $28 per month) and you get access to all the courses, more than 500 curated learning assets, and the Global HR Capability Project. The Capability Project enables you to assess your HR capabilities against our model of 94 capabilities, get specific learning accelerators, and benchmark yourself against your peers. More than 5,000 HR professionals have already joined and it is growing rapidly.

PS. A Cornell HR Certificate Program costs $3780! The JBA has almost ten times the content and you become part of a global community of experts!

We could not have done this without our partners at Nomadic Learning, who work with us every day to build new programs and support you in the community.

As you plan your budgets and strategies for 2022, I encourage you to join the JBA or contact us for an enterprise agreement.

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