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How Your Staff Can Grow Your Reputation and Connect with Your Community

Reviews are critical for new customers, so how can you use your staff to help you grow your reputation among customers, prospects and your community?

On The Small Business Radio Show this week, I talk with Shawn Hill who is the Community Director and Fun Delivery Specialist for NiceJob Inc, a reputation marketing software company.

Interview with Shawn Hill About Reputation Marketing

Shawn insists that if your staff is not helping build your reputation, “you are almost faking it.”  He adds that with your brand you have control over it, but reputation is what the market believes, and your staff has to live that and make it their own; “You can’t pitch a hollow expectation because your staff will know it and it will spread to your customers.”

Shawn believes that you have to empower your staff to help build your reputation. “Fans are not always going to shout your name from the rooftop, but you should give them an opportunity to be involved in ways that are comfortable to them by welcoming feedback. You want to guide your customers for multiple methods to refer you and build your reputation online.”

According to Shawn, it’s critical to connect your team with your community because your company should reflect your community.  He adds “you should become a pillar of the community. Many customers connect with a team member more than the company instead. Community support was critical for survival during the pandemic. In fact, community is the biggest resource you have to market your company. Consult your staff on who is best to connect with in your community.”

If your staff helps you grow your reputation and get connected to your community, your business will get more reviews and as a result more sales from new customers.

Listen to the entire interview on The Small Business Radio Show.

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