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How Can You Motivate Disengaged Employees? Experts Share Their Secrets

The success of your business is often determined by your connections with others. If you’re able to effectively motivate employees and market to customers, you’ll have a decent chance of success. Get tips for improving your small business connections and fostering positive relationships from members of the online small business community below.

Motivate Disengaged Employees

Disengaged employees don’t accomplish much, because they don’t really care about the outcome of their work. But you can turn this around in your own team with the right motivation. Get tips in this Process Street post by Oliver Peterson.

Send Powerful Labor Day Messages to Customers and Employees

Holidays like Labor Day provide an opportunity to connect with customers and employees. It may help to select some simple greetings beforehand to plan your content and messaging. In this Wordstream post, Kristen McCormick provides several ideas for the upcoming holiday.

Use Social Media for Virtual Event Marketing

Virtual events provide a powerful option for connecting with people from around the world. If you want to reach as many people as possible, you need to market your events effectively online. Social media is a powerful outlet for doing so. Learn more in this post on The Social Media Hat by Mike Allton. Then visit the BizSugar community to see what members are saying.

Take Safety at Work Seriously

Safety should be a top priority in every workplace. There are certain elements that both you and your team should be aware of to maintain safe working conditions. Read several in this Platter of Gold post by Elechi Emekobum.

Use Care When Discussing Mental Health in the Workplace

Discussions on mental health in the workplace can be sensitive. But they can also help employees feel supported. Each business must carefully weigh the pros and cons and find ways to discuss these topics without crossing a line. Harry and Sally Vaishnav of Small Biz Viewpoints discuss the issue further in this post.

Consider the Landscape of Business Travel

There’s a good chance that you and your team haven’t traveled much in the past few years. In fact, the entire landscape of business travel has changed. So it may take some time to adjust. In this Startup Bonsai post, Nicola Bleu shares relevant statistics that can help you get a feel for what to expect.

Build a Business Image to Be Remembered

Your business image can attract both customers and team members to your company. If you want people to seek out your business, your brand needs to be memorable in some way. Marty Zwilling of Startup Professionals Musings offers tips in this post.

Create a Relatable Brand Using Stories

Relatable brands tend to be more memorable and powerful for both customers and employees. And storytelling can be an effective way to create those strong connections. This Reputation X post by Ann Smarty features tips for building an emotional connection through storytelling.

Learn Marketing Lessons from Unknown Million Dollar Companies

When creating your marketing strategy, it can help to look at what successful businesses have done. But not every business needs to learn from giants like Facebook and Google. In fact, there are plenty of successful enterprises you’ve likely never heard of. Get their secrets in this post by Neil Patel. Then head over to BizSugar to see comments from the community.

Use Real-Time Tracking for Supply Chain Management

Tracking supplies and inventory can require significant time from you and your management team. But there are tools that can make these tasks easier. Check out this Noobpreneur post by Ivan Widjaya for insights about the benefits of real-time tracking.

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