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GPS Trackit Review Review

Editor’s Score: 88/100

Cost 86/100
Features 93/100
Refresh time 95/100
Usability 80/100
Customer service 88/100

Why GPS Trackit Is Best for Reporting

For you to get the most out of your fleet tracking software, it should turn the data it collects into a variety of reports to provide valuable insights about your fleet. Although some companies only offer standard reporting, the best reports are customizable and easy to read. GPS Trackit lets you customize reports to show the specific data points you find valuable (driver safety, performance, fuel usage, vehicle health, route optimization, etc.). We also found that it goes one step further and lets you automate reports, so you can receive them at whatever frequency works best for you. Reports can be viewed, exported and printed.

GPS Trackit lets you customize reports to show the data you need.

Source: GPS Trackit

GPS Trackit’s alert function is another valuable feature. We like how you can set up alerts to be triggered by specific events, allowing you to respond to situations as soon as they occur and limit potential negative consequences. Depending on the issue, this could result in substantial cost savings. The level of alert customization GPS Trackit offers is just as useful as its reporting capabilities. If you need to maintain ELD compliance, be sure to add on GPS Trackit’s ELD software and hardware to obtain the necessary reporting and alerts for legal compliance.

TipTip: If you get GPS Trackit’s ELD add-on, you can set up custom alerts and predesignated industry-specific alerts and notifications.

Pros of GPS Trackit

  • Reports can be customized and automated.
  • GPS Trackit offers live traffic and weather reports.
  • It offers video telematics with dashcams.
  • GPS Trackit doesn’t require contracts.

Cons of GPS Trackit

  • It has a refresh time of roughly 30 to 60 seconds.
  • The mobile app features are limited compared to the web dashboard. 


Once your devices are correctly installed, you can track and view fleet data on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. We like that GPS Trackit is accessible by web or mobile app, so you can keep track of your fleet wherever you are. However, we found the mobile app’s features are more beneficial for viewing purposes than for setting changes.

Since GPS Trackit is customizable, we discovered that it may take a little while to learn the program. If your team struggles with the learning curve, you can contact GPS Trackit for free training. Not many competitors offer free personalized training.

The cloud-based software provides near-real-time tracking with updates every 30 to 60 seconds, giving you a turn-by-turn breadcrumb trail of where your drivers are. Near-real-time tracking is common in the industry, so GPS Trackit is standard in this respect, but you’ll want to consider another vendor if you need to-the-second tracking. 


Here are some of the services you can receive with GPS Trackit.

Alerts and reporting You can customize and automate reports and event-triggered alerts.
Tracking hardware GPS Trackit offers plug-and-play and hardwired trackers, dashcams, ELDs, asset trackers, and trailer trackers.
Driver safety You can access driver scorecards and safety alerts.
Maintenance and optimization GPS Trackit offers vehicle health features like diagnostic reports, maintenance schedules, fuel performance reports and integrated fuel cards.

Alerts and Reporting

The real-time alerts from GPS Trackit can keep you up to date on your fleet. You can customize these alerts to be triggered by specific events related to driver safety and performance, such as to monitor hard driving (e.g., speeding and harsh braking), vehicle maintenance, and geofences and landmarks (e.g., when a driver leaves their designated route or region). You can also set up after-hours alerts and power take-off alerts, including tow and boom alerts. You can receive any of these alerts by text and email.

In addition to alerts, GPS Trackit has detailed reporting options. Instead of limiting your options to standardized reports like some competitors do, GPS Trackit lets you create custom reports. This gives your team valuable insights about the parts of your fleet that matter most to your business. For example, you can create reports based on landmark interactions, speeding, mileage (including miles driven in each state to track fuel taxes), temperature and driver safety. We were impressed with how simple it is to dissect the data. You can break down reports by individual drivers or entire fleets. GPS Trackit separates key metrics and data into dashboards for valuable insights on safety, efficiency and performance.

Did you know?Did you know? Proper reporting helps ensure your business’s compliance with the U.S. Department of Transportation’s hours of service (HOS) regulations.

GPS Trackit
GPS Trackit lets you set up automated reports.

Source: GPS Trackit

Tracking Hardware

GPS Trackit offers OBD-II port hardware, a self-certified ELD, and two hardwired tracking devices. Although installation is not included in the price, GPS Trackit’s hardware is relatively simple to install on your own. The company also offers additional hardware such as multiple dashboard cameras, four-channel video, an asset tracker and a trailer tracker. Overall, we like the great selection of affordable tracking hardware, with more device options than some competitors offer.

GPS Trackit
GPS Trackit offers ELDs for businesses that need to maintain ELD compliance

Source: GPS Trackit

Driver Safety

GPS Trackit provides the standard safety features, including color-coded driver scorecards and safety alerts. It tracks harsh braking and acceleration, speeding, and excessive idle time by your drivers. Armed with this information, you can help your drivers improve their habits and cut down on idle time that can ultimately hurt your bottom line. You can also view real-time interactive maps of vehicle locations and set up reports and alerts to stay up to date on vehicle maintenance and marquee safety issues.

GPS Trackit
You can view live interactive maps of where your drivers are.

Source: GPS Trackit

You can even monitor the in-vehicle temperature when you’re transporting heat-sensitive items. We didn’t find this option in all of the systems we analyzed. If you add a dashboard camera or four-channel video hardware, you can also record firsthand footage of events, which can be especially useful in the case of accidents.

Maintenance and Optimization

GPS Trackit provides detailed vehicle diagnostics: You can check in on brakes, coolant, cruise control, ignition, oil pressure and other marquee issues. These reports can help you schedule preventative maintenance and manage your vehicles if they break down. The software also offers detailed reports on fuel performance, so you can analyze and optimize routes, coach your staff on fuel-efficient driving behaviors, and manage your fuel costs. You can even integrate fuel cards to monitor the spending, which is not a feature all competitors offer.


GPS Trackit offers custom GPS fleet tracking plans for businesses with even a single vehicle. You can purchase your hardware devices outright or lease them for a monthly fee. The devices come with a lifetime hardware warranty. This is one of the few companies we reviewed that doesn’t have any long-term contract requirements; you can partner with GPS Trackit on a month-to-month basis.

If you decide to pause or cancel your subscription, GPS Trackit doesn’t charge a cancellation fee (although you may be charged if you don’t return your leased hardware). GPS Trackit even offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try its services risk-free.

The cost of your monthly subscription will depend on what features and hardware you need, but services typically start around $23.95 per month, which can include the hardware but not installation. Rates tend to go up once you add on features like ELD compliance or asset tracking.

Key TakeawayKey takeaway: GPS Trackit offers customized, month-to-month service plans, and you can buy or lease the hardware.


Although GPS Trackit offers device installation and free live training, businesses can often set up and install the devices on their own. The hardware usually arrives within seven days of the order.

GPS Trackit offers both hardwired and plug-and-play devices, so your installation time will depend on which type you have. GPS Trackit claims that device installation entails simply connecting the device’s power wire and mounting the GPS antenna.

Customer Service

GPS Trackit has an A+ with the Better Business Bureau and is accredited by the rating agency. In other words, it has a solid online reputation, which we like to see in our contenders for best picks. Since GPS Trackit users do not sign a long-term contract, the company is incentivized to provide excellent customer support – and that it does. It’s one of the only companies we analyzed that offers customers unlimited live training and expert support for free with the fleet tracking service. Representatives are available by phone and online.

Key TakeawayKey takeaway: GPS Trackit offers unlimited live training and expert support for free, and its support representatives are helpful.


We didn’t find any significant drawbacks to partnering with GPS Trackit, but prospective users will need to call to learn their specific costs, as it doesn’t list pricing online anymore. It’s also unclear how much installation costs for the GPS Trackit hardware; this service is not covered in the standard fee. If you believe you will need someone to install your hardware for you, ask GPS Trackit how much extra this will cost. If you are seeking a fleet management solution with transparent online pricing, read our review of ClearPathGPS.

Another potential limitation is the refresh time. Although GPS Trackit, like many competitors, claims “real-time” updates, it actually refreshes in near-real time, with an average refresh time of every 30 to 60 seconds. This is similar to other companies we reviewed; however, we did review some competitors that offer quicker refresh times. If you need an almost-instantaneous look at your vehicles’ locations, check out our Samsara review or Force by Mojio review.


Choosing a GPS fleet tracking system can be challenging. That’s why we did some of the heavy lifting for you. We spent countless hours researching and analyzing GPS fleet tracking systems to identify the top GPS systems on the market. We looked at hardware, features, pricing and contracts, usability, refresh times, and customer support, and we even got hands-on experience with demos and product videos when possible. When searching for the best GPS fleet tracking system for reporting specifically, we focused on things like what types of reports the software offers, how easy the reports are to navigate and export, and how often the data updates. 

What Is GPS Fleet Tracking?

A GPS tracking system is a combination of hardware and software that tracks and records various fleet information, such as location, driver safety and performance, vehicle health and maintenance, and fuel usage and optimization. Businesses often use fleet management systems to optimize their overall fleet performance, as well as to ensure their drivers, vehicles, and assets are safe. The reports generated from GPS fleet tracking data can help fleet managers make educated business decisions and improve their processes.


What integrations are available for GPS Trackit?

GPS Trackit integrates with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud, Google Maps and LTE technology. It can also integrate with several other platforms, including Fleetio, ServiceTitan, ProMiles, Point of Rental, SmartWitness, WEX Fleet Cards, SpeedGauge, FleetCor, Jonas Software and Trucker Tools. If you need even more advanced integration capabilities, you can build your own with GPS Trackit’s open API.

Does GPS Trackit provide training?

Yes. If you or your team require additional assistance with the system, you can easily connect with an expert support team for free training. GPS Trackit also offers free product demos, and its customer support representatives are available online and by phone.

Overall Value

We recommend GPS Trackit for …

  • Fleets that need customizable reporting.
  • Businesses that don’t want to be locked into a long-term contract.
  • Seasonal businesses.

We don’t recommend GPS Trackit for …

  • Fleets that require to-the-second updates.
  • Fleets that need preset tracking plans with transparent online pricing.

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