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Funding Fridays No. 1

Welcome to the first issue of Funding Fridays – your two minute Friday morning briefing on startup funding. 

Knowledge is power. The goal of this briefing is to give founders insights on the current state of the market, so that they can step into the funding process equipped with data to help inform their fundraising strategy.

It’s designed to be quickly skimmable. For each stage of funding from Pre-Seed to Series C, I’ve calculated:

  • Average Raised – the average amount raised by companies in the last week.
  • Average Valuation – the average valuation of the companies that raised in the last week.

Additionally, I’ve designed a chart of those two numbers over the last 52 weeks to allow you to understand overall trends. 

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Average Raised – $856,185

Average Valuation – $25,012,191


Average Raised – $3,456,393

Average Valuation – $10,181,993

Series A

Average Raised – $21,431,674

Average Valuation – $45,777,132

Series B

Average Raised – $52,981,381

Average Valuation – $528,000,000

Series C

Average Raised – $82,980,518

Average Valuation – $6,306,247,953

About Funding Fridays

Funding Fridays is a two-minute Friday morning briefing on startup funding written by Kyle Westaway – Managing Partner of Westaway.

A note on data. I’m using data from Crunchbase. This data has a number of limitations such as: (1) The data is self reported. (2) When the data is reported, not every field is required. So, there are companies that report the amount raised, but not the valuation or vice versa. All I am doing is taking that data as it is, and calculating averages. I would love perfect data, but unfortunately, I’m doing the best with what we’ve got. While the data is imperfect, I hope it’s incredibly valuable for founders to understand the general state of the market currently and how it’s changing over time. I hope it helps you.


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