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Find the Best Commercial Milkshake Machine for Your Business

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Considering adding tasty milkshake treats to your diner or food truck menu? You certainly need a commercial milkshake machine. The milkshake market has had exponential growth in the last few years. Consumers are increasingly looking for new innovative shakes, so today you will find everything from ‘freakshakes’ topped with cream, to avocado and coconut milk vegan milkshakes, an extravagant mix of cookies, and as many other treats as you can get your hands on. To consistently produce high-quality milkshakes, you need a commercial milkshake machine as it has several capabilities and features that a home milkshake machine cannot match.

Here are some of our top-ranked commercial milkshake machines.

Best Commercial Milkshake Machine

Waring Commercial WDM3600TX Heavy-Duty Triple Spindle Drink Mixer

Top Pick: Coming from a company that introduced the first blender in America, the Waring WDM3600TX commercial milkshake machine is a perfect choice if you want to dish out shakes at a rapid speed. The mixer comes with an easy-to-read LCD display and a programmable timer that automatically shuts off the machine. Three independent motors allow you to make three different drinks at the same time. This machine is a little pricier than most, but certainly a good option for a busy diner or milkshake bar.

Waring Commercial WDM3600TX Heavy-Duty Triple Spindle Drink Mixer

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WantJoin Commercial Milkshake Maker

WantJoin Commercial Milkshake Maker

Runner Up: If you are looking to make some mean shakes, then you should consider the WantJoin commercial milkshake machine. This mixer comes equipped with 2 milkshake mixer cups with clear measurement lines that allow you to easily customize your milkshake amount. The machine also comes with two speed controls and a top speed of 18000 revolutions per minute, allowing you to make your sweet treats within a short time. You can certainly use this versatile mixer to mix a variety of drinks including protein shakes, smoothies, milkshakes, and a lot more.

WantJoin Commercial Milkshake Maker, Milkshake Mixer Electric Milkshake Machine

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Hamilton Beach Professional All-Metal Drink Mixer

Hamilton Beach Pro Retro Die-Cast Mixer for Milkshakes

Best Value: You likely know Hamilton Beach for its remarkable kitchen appliances and stellar mixing options. You will fall in love with this durable mixer that’s made of die-cast aluminum housing and comes with a commercial-grade mixing spindle with two agitators and two speeds that makes it super easy to make your favorite treat. The tilt-back head allows for easy cup insertion and removal. Also included in the pack is a stainless steel 28 oz. mixing cup that’s also dishwasher safe. A 5-year warranty certainly speaks to its durability.

Hamilton Beach Pro Retro Die-Cast Mixer for Milkshakes, Soda Fountain Drinks, Protein Shakes

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Waring Commercial WDM120TX Heavy-Duty Single Spindle Drink Mixer

Waring Commercial WDM120TX Heavy-Duty Single 1Hp Spindle Drink Mixer

If you are looking for all the best features of a Waring commercial milkshake machine but at a more affordable price, this might just be the mixer for you. Like the WDM3600TX, this machine comes with an easy-to-use LCD display and programmable timer, so you can set the timer and go get another order as it does its magic. The mixer will automatically shut off once it’s done mixing.

Waring Commercial WDM120TX Heavy-Duty Single 1Hp Spindle Drink Mixer with Countdown Timer

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VEVOR Stainless Steel Electric Milkshake Maker

VEVOR Milkshake Maker Kit, Stainless Steel Electric Milkshake Maker

This milkshake mixer from VEVOR is not only stylish but also highly durable thanks to the durable stainless steel used on all parts. With a powerful motor, this mixer is able to reach 18,000 revolutions per minute and the double head design allows you to make more milkshakes at a time. This is certainly a great choice for your busy restaurant, milkshake bar, or food truck.

VEVOR Milkshake Maker Kit, Stainless Steel Electric Milkshake Maker

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Oster Heavy Duty Milkshake Machine

Oster Commercial Business Chocomilera Heavy Duty Restaurant Bar Soda Fountain Mixer

This commercial milkshake machine features a powerful 110-watt motor, two speeds, and two agitators that ensure a quick and consistent blend. The mixer is automatically switched on by simply inserting the cup and switched off when you remove the cup. The fine outer finish allows for easy cleaning of the mixer.

Oster Commercial Business Chocomilera Heavy Duty Restaurant Bar Soda Fountain Mixer Milk Shake Machine

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INTBUYING Commercial Double Heads Milkshake Mixer

INTBUYING Commercial Double Heads Milkshake Mixer

This INTBUYING mixer certainly offers a lot of value for its price. With a 180 watts motor, this machine easily does 18,000 revolutions per minute. It also comes with an automatic microswitch feature that allows you to easily switch the mixer on or off by simply placing or removing the cup on the machine. Also included in the pack are two stainless steel cups for your hot drinks and two plastic cups for the cooler. This double-head milkshake mixer is made of durable stainless steel and it is certainly a good option for all kinds of tea shops, beverage shops, wine bars, coffee shops, and so on.

INTBUYING Commercial Double Heads Milkshake Mixer Drink Milk Shaker

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What to Look for When Buying a Commercial Milkshake Machine

There are a wide variety of milkshake mixers out there. However, if you want to start a milkshake bar or are considering adding icy treats to your restaurant dessert menu, you need to know what to look for in a commercial milkshake machine. We have fortunately done some of the homework for you. Here are some of the things that you need to consider.

  • Automatic Start and Stop Feature: Running a restaurant, food truck or diner is a fast-paced business. You want a mixer that can automatically start and stop, freeing up your time to attend to other orders.
  • Multiple Heads: Just as important as the automatic start and stop feature is the number of drinks you can mix at a go. There are a variety of mixers that come with more than one head and this essentially allows you to attend to multiple orders at a time.
  • Quiet Operation: Some mixers are quite noisy while others are much quieter. Think about your business setup. If you are running a food truck a noisy mixer can certainly interfere with communication between you and your customers, but that might not be the case if you are running a diner that has a kitchen that’s tucked away from your customers.
  • Durability: You certainly need a reliable mixer that can serve you for a long time. Watch out for the materials used. Stainless steel is usually a good option.
  • Versatility: Enrich your menu with a machine that allows you to make various icy treats ranging from smoothies, to milkshakes, protein shakes, and much more.

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