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Family with special needs child desperate with medical supplies stalled due to road closures

Jaxon Langdon is a three year old boy in Salmon Arm living with a rare genetic condition.

“He has something called hypotonia so he can’t sit up, he can’t walk, he can’t crawl. He also has ventricular septal defect so he has three holes in his heart, two of them has closed over so he has one left. He has neurological delays, he has 13 sets of ribs, he’s missing his gall bladder, he has something called GERD so he has really bad reflux episodes that are pretty brutal. The list goes on from there”, says Kayla Langdon, Jaxon’s mother.

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The Langdon family is facing new challenges with the road closures caused by the recent floods stalling Jaxon’s specialized food and medical supplies getting shipped from Vancouver.

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Langdon explains that Jaxon’s medical supplies are “through a program called the At Home Program” and when she contacted them they said no shipments were being made due to the closure.

Transportation issues stall delivery of critical supplies

Transportation issues stall delivery of critical supplies

“The biggest priority is getting the formula and the feeding bags because he can’t eat orally, that’s our only option so that is a huge priority and I only have a week left”, adds Langdon.

She says if she doesn’t get Jaxon’s food, she faces the possibility of being airlifted to Children’s Hospital in Vancouver without any of her family, due to COVID protocols.

The supply chain issues affecting many consumers in BC have put the Langdon family in a desperate situation, as they rely so heavily on Jaxon’s medical supplies.

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While one route between the Interior and the Lower Mainland has reopened to essential traffic — the Langdon family has not received any news about when their medical deliveries might be shipped.

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