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Comment on Wix Fit Caters to Growing a Fitness Business Online by Robert Brady

Wix, the software company that provides cloud-based web development services, has launched Fit by Wix, an app designed specifically for fitness instructors.

With booking schedules creation, online fitness programs, the facility to feature blog content, and a personal store to list fitness products for sale, Fit by Wix provides a comprehensive way for fitness instructors to engage will clients and manage their business on the go.

Wix Fit Designed for Fitness Businesses

Like many industries, the COVID-19 pandemic, transformed the fitness industry, with lockdowns and restrictions pathing the way for an explosion of virtual classes. The shift to online fitness looks set to stay in the long-term.

According to one survey, while 75% of consumers say they will eventually return to pre-pandemic physical gym routines, many indicate they will maintain a virtual element of fitness.

For the many fitness instructors continuing to operate virtual workouts and other online services, managing their business and communicating with clients can be challenging.

This is where Fit by Wix could prove an invaluable tool for fitness businesses, crafting an efficient, engaging and professional service.

Engaging With Clients On the Go

As Wix writes: “The Fit by Fix app gives you a whole new way to engage with your clients and manager your fitness business on the go. Use the Wix Owner app to showcase what your business has to offer and communicate with your site members directly.

“Your clients can interact both with you and other members of your fitness community, book your services, and join discussions and online programs. They can also purchase your merchandise and subscribe to your pricing plans, create your booking schedule, feature your blog fitness content, engage your clients through online fitness programs, and even offer a selection of fitness products for sale in your own online store.”

Customize the App

Fit by Wix enables users to customize the app so it is more in-keeping with a fitness business’s brand. Instructors can choose the exact content they want to display, customize each screen, re-name tabs, add sections, and more.

The app’s services page enables fitness businesses to keep clients informed about the specific details of individual services, including scheduling, coaches, prices, and costs.

When it comes to online fitness, prices can vary significantly from business to business. With the Fit by Wix app, users can offer a number of pricing plans and membership options to cater for their different members’ requirements and budgets.

Set Online Fitness Programs

One of the most compelling components of fitness is the setting of personal fitness goals and aims. The online community creates a healthy environment for personal fitness goals to thrive. Wix’s new app caters for such appetite by enabling fitness businesses to set up online fitness programs from the Online Programs page. Such programs may be focused on encouraging clients to run 10km in a month, beat their 5km personal best time, or reduce overall body fat.

Community Groups

Virtual fitness may seem like a lonely affair, but it can involve communities and groups working together to achieve similar goals. The Fit by Wix accommodates for the community element of online fitness, allowing instructors and businesses to create community groups. From the groups, members can invite friends, generate posts, share photos, and more, to enhance their fitness community.

Wix Member apps, including Fit by Wix, are free to use and download from the app stores.

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