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Comment on Quora introduces Quora+ to Allow Creators to Monetize Content by Freddy Xav

Quora has announced the launch of its new subscription plan Quora +.  The offering by the Q&A social media platform grants subscribers access to exclusive content from Quora+ creators and curators. For writers, this means that they would share revenues from subscriptions that come by way of Quora+. The offering is in addition to Quora’s existing content that will remain free for everyone. Quora+ subscribers will however get full access and exclusive content from participating creators and Spaces.

Quora Announces Launch of Quora+

According to the arrangement, an equitable trade-off is achieved where Quora+ creators get paid for their work and subscribers through their subscriptions support creators who offer them answers to their queries. Instead of readers paying select creators, subscribers will pay Quora who will, in turn, distribute payment to creators in proportion to the amount each subscriber that consumes their content.

What Quora + Offers

  • The subscription-only package allows users access to unlimited exclusive content. These include access to thousands of answers and posts.
  • Quora+ comes with a subscription of $5 a month or a discounted yearly subscription of $50 a year, a thirty-day free trial is also available.
  • Access a selection of exclusive space content.
  • Participating writers will be paid in proportion to the amount of content they produce.
  • At the initial stage, only a select number of creators will participate in Quora+. Through time invitations will be extended to more creators in the Quora community.

Quora as a Marketing Tool

Besides asking general questions people also use Quora to ask questions about companies, products, and industries. In terms of marketing Quora, one can describe it as a search engine blended with social media where one can use it to respond to queries relevant to their niche while raising their profile and showcase their competence at the same time. receives an average of 3,000-5,000 questions daily from its 300 million monthly users covering over 300,000 topics. In terms of attracting professionals, Quora rivals LinkedIn with an estimated 36% of the platform’s users being managers or in managerial and decision-making positions. Like other social media platforms, users can create their profiles and follow other users. They can create what are called spaces, a collection of content or create their own spaces to engage with community members.

Businesses can use it to reach out to audiences and enhance their lead generation. They can also share content on Quora from your site as part of your content marketing strategy.

Other Quora Options to Reach Audiences

Businesses can also engage with audiences through Quora ads. Quora ads help businesses not only expand their reach but also access Quora Ads’ targeting that covers contextual, behavioral, audience, and broad targeting.

Advertisers can also add secondary filters such as location, device, browser, mobile operating system, gender, email targeting, and others. Quora Ads come by way of a live auction system where advertisers bid for ad placements. Bidding options come through Cost per Click (CPC), Cost per Impression (CPM), and Conversion Optimized (CPA) bids.

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