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Baby boomers now less than 25% of Canada’s population, 2021 census data shows

The latest census data from 2021 shows for the first time since the end of the baby boom, the boomer generation in Canada makes up less than a quarter of the country’s population.

The data also shows seniors over the age of 85 are among the fastest growing age groups in the country.

It’s another milestone on the slow march to what experts warn will be a crisis in care for Canada’s elders.

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How old are we getting? Statistics Canada to say in new census data

The number of people over 85 more than doubled since the 2001 census, and is expected to triple by 2046.

Environics chief demographer Doug Norris says as the population ages, that will put additional pressure on Canada’s health care and long-term care systems.

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Bonnie-Jeanne MacDonald with the National Institute on Ageing says the impact could be particularly devastating because Canada’s future elders have not had as many children as previous generations.

That means fewer caregivers to tend to the growing number of people who won’t have access to long-term care spaces.

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Seniors targeted in growing number of frauds and scams

Seniors targeted in growing number of frauds and scams – Mar 24, 2022

Transgender data

Newly released census data shows 0.33 per cent of Canadians aged 15 or older, or about 100,815 people, identify as transgender or non-binary.

The new information from Statistics Canada gives an unprecedented snapshot into Canada’s transgender and non-binary population, which some advocates say is long overdue.

Last year’s national household survey included a revamped section on gender, differentiating for the first time between the sex a person was assigned at birth and their gender.

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Gemma Hickey, a transmasculine non-binary author and activist, says it’s “about time” the census acknowledged people who exist outside the gender binary.

Hickey became one of the first Canadians to receive a gender-neutral birth certificate in 2017.

They hope the census will spark a broader conversation by acknowledging that the sex a person was assigned at birth is not necessarily the same as gender.

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