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Adobe Announces Creative Cloud Express for Creative Business Types

Looking for a drag-and-drop mobile tool that handles everything from logos to social media posts? Adobe has just launched Creative Cloud Express. Customize thousands of templates quickly and easily. Use royalty-free stock images and premium fonts to create content on the go.

“People today are searching for authenticity in an area of drop shipped mass produced commodities.” This from David Wadhwani, Chief Business Officer and Executive Vice President, Digital Media. “ We’re all yearning for things that are personally crafted. And unique goods and services.”

Adobe Announces Creative Cloud Express

Creative Cloud Express helps fill that need. Consider that over 25% of internet users will buy something they’ve found on a social channel, according to Adobe. Then check out what’s available to tap into this market with your creative business chops.

  • There are thousands of templates to choose from. Best of all you only need to drag and drop to get them working for you. And Creative Cloud Express is free to start.
  • No matter your target market, being unique captures their attention. This new tool boasts 20,000 premium Adobe fonts and literally millions of royalty-free stock images. This makes for a great one/two marketing punch.  Put together a design and tweak it as you go.

Wadhwani explains another one of the angles behind Creative Cloud Express.

“Creators are selling goods that reflect their unique ideas,” he said during the recent Adobe presentation. “Skilled professionals are promoting their services online.”


That means Creative Cloud Express offers other features to give your brand that necessary one-of-a-kind push. Like the fact that you can manage your social media publishing workflows with ContentCal features. This collaboration allows you to preset times, duplicate and share posts. And share calendars.

Flexibility is another one of the advantages you get with the features offered. Quick Actions is powered by Adobe Sensei. This machine learning and artificial intelligence tool allows small business owners to work with photos and videos.

Background Features  

Don’t like a background feature in a photo? You can remove it with this tool. You can also turn videos into GIFS. And with a few clicks export and convert PDFs.

You need to collaborate on the fly to be successful. Creative Cloud Express has Shared Brands and Shared Templates to accomplish that. This is good news for small businesses that are scaling up. This kind of sharing allows for brand consistency. It’s a great way to get the same message out across teams.

Free App

If you’re a small business or a solopreneur who wants to get started right away, you’re in luck. Creative Cloud Express is free to start and it’s available right away to everyone. You can find it here. Or, get the free app from the Apple App Store, Microsoft Store, or Google Play Store.

There is also a premium plan that’s available for $9.99 a month. The Enterprise and Teams version is coming next year. Complete information can be found by following this link.

Image: Depositphotos

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