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165 Million New Creators Since 2020, Adobe Study Finds

Adobe recently published the latest data and insights on the Creator Economy via the Adobe Future of Creativity Study, and it was revealed that 165 million new creators have joined the sector since 2020.

165 Million New Creators Since 2020, Adobe Study Finds

It brings the total number of creators globally to 303 million, with the Creator Economy consisting of people who are creating and monetizing their content, as well as online goods and services leveraged by the creator’s own talents and passions. Adobe’s study also showed that the Creator Economy is reshaping every aspect of culture and society, including the future of work and social causes, as well as the likes of mental health.

Small Business Creators

Adobe’s Future of Creativity Study has provided us with a comprehensive insight into the global Creator Economy, as well as how creativity is evolving across the United States, as well as other areas like Europe, Asia and South America.

The study defines creators as ‘professionals and non-professionals creating original content for their jobs or passions including designers, photographers, filmmakers, illustrators, hobbyists and more’. Influencers are also considered a subset of creators, so long as they are actually influential with 5,000 or more followers. Among these creators are many entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and small business owners.

New Careers and Businesses

The chief product officer and executive vice president at Adobe Creative Cloud, Scott Belsky, spoke about the growth of the Creator Economy providing a platform for everyone to be a creator. Belsky said: “Individuals, soloprenuers, small business owners and content creators can now express themselves and explore creative and artistic pursuits in new ways.

“Increasingly, creators from all walks of life are turning their creative inspirations and passions into new careers and businesses supported by Adobe’s creative tools.”

United States a ‘Creativity Hot Spot’

Since 2020, the Creator Economy was joined by 34 million new creators in the United States alone, while other creativity hot spots were Brazil, South Korea and Spain. The study also revealed that Millennials represent 42% of the Creator Economy, with Gen Z creators representing 14%.

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