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10 Tips for Creating a Well-Rounded SEO Strategy

A well-rounded SEO strategy includes a mix of quality content and technical improvements. The following tips from members of the online small business community can increase traffic and make your website more user-friendly.

Use Google Trends for Keyword Research

Google Trends can help you find relevant keywords that people are actually searching for. But learning how the tool works and how to make the most of it isn’t always easy. This 99Signals post by Sandeep Mallya includes tips and tricks for entrepreneurs and content creators. You can also see commentary about the post in the BizSugar community.

Do a Complete SEO Audit

Before you can improve your SEO strategy, you should know your own starting point. Evaluating your current site may provide insights into your most successful strategies and those that need changing. Jeff Riddall shares a checklist for performing an SEO audit in this Search Engine Journal post.

Learn How Schema Affects SEO

Schema is an important part of SEO. But it’s not obvious to website visitors. And many businesses are unaware of the power of this feature. Here’s a guide to this concept from Luke Harsel of SEMRush.

Boost Site Rankings with Off-Page SEO

Some parts of your website are not even visible to public visitors. But these factors can still impact SEO. Erik Emanuelli offers tips and insights in this blog post. And members of the BizSugar community shared their own thoughts here.

Promote Content with This New Google AdSense Feature

Google constantly updates its features to provide new opportunities for content creators and improve the user experience. A new AdSense feature offers related search options for content. In this Search Engine Land post, George Nguyen explains the feature and provides tips for businesses.

Increase Website Traffic with Blogging

SEO isn’t just about optimizing the main pages of your website. A blog can help you highlight content with relevant keywords and increase links across your online presence. Lisa Sicard provides tips for using a blog to improve SEO in this post on The Happy Guy blog.

Ask These Questions Before Starting a Blog

Blogging can help with SEO by integrating more keywords and relevant topics into your website. But this strategy may not be for everyone. Dana Davis discusses some important blogging considerations in this GrowMap post.

Enjoy Higher Page Rankings with Facebook SEO

SEO is most commonly associated with dedicated websites. But the concepts also apply to social media platforms. Since Facebook is the top social platform for businesses, it’s important to understand how SEO works in this context specifically. Read this Pixel Productions post for more on the topic.

Make Your Page Titles SEO Friendly

There are so many factors that impact SEO on each webpage. But it’s not just about creating content full of relevant keywords. The little things like page titles go a long way. Learn more in this Blogging Wizard post by Ann Smarty. Then head to the BizSugar community to see what members are saying.

Create a Well-Rounded Strategy for Your ECommerce Store

SEO is just one factor that can impact the success of an online store. If you want to foster long-term success, you need a strategy that includes a variety of factors. Harry and Sally Vaishnav of SmallBizViewpoints highlight some of those factors here.

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